Essential oils have been around for thousands of years and have been used for many purposes. The essential oil comes after it has been distilled from the plant or other source. Young Living specifically extracts their essential oils through steam distillation or through cold pressing which makes the pure essential oil far more powerful than its original source.

So Where do They Come From?

Essential oils live in the plant, herb or tree that Young Living sources. When they’re in the plant, they’re constantly changing their chemical composition, which helps the plant adapt to its internal and external environment. This specific feature is greatly beneficial to us. With an ever changing chemical compound we know that one batch of a specific oil is going to be vastly different than another batch in its chemical compound. This means our bodies can never become “immune” to essential oils because they never know what to expect. 

It’s pretty amazing to know that our ancestors have used essential oils for generations for various purposes. Essential oils are not a fad - they are our world’s first “medicine”!

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