Renee Gruwell

Renee Gruwell

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My Personal Journey:

About three years ago I really started to take notice of how the food I was eating and the medication I was taking affected how I felt. I was tired, moody and having crazy up and down emotional cycles. I started to research nutrition, and how to live more naturally and simply. I remember complaining to a friend that at 34 years old I was already starting to get gnarly hot flashes and just felt like a hot mess most days. She told me to come over and she would put Progessence Plus on my wrists. She promised I would see a difference. Normally skeptical to all things network marketing, that day I was in the midst of a serious sweating sesh and was open to anything! She applied an oil to my wrists, I left, and within 15 minutes I was no longer sweating and burning up internally. I was hooked. I realized I could use oils as an alternative to chemical-ridden products and side-effect producing medications. I did my own research and finally decided Young Living Essential Oils most matched up what I was looking for in a Company. Over the past 3 years I have been amazed, and super grateful, that the oils have truly lived up to the hype. I have been an advocate of oils ever since. I love sharing how oils work, and look forward to helping you discover the benefits of Essential Oils for you and your family. 

I’d love to welcome you as a Modern Oiler!

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  2. Make sure “Wholesale” member is selected so you can earn 24% off forever and ever.
  3. The Premium Start Kit will automatically be selected, now you get to pick your diffuser (I love the Dewdrop!)
  4. Unless we’ve talked about the Essential Reward Subscription Box feel free to skip that section for now.
  5. Add any other oils or supplements you’ve been dying to try with your brand new 24% off discount. My top 5 favorites outside the starter kit are Orange, Idaho Balsam Fir, ART Renewal Serum, Vetiver, and Gentle Baby. 
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