Mylisza Martinez 

Member #: 3177516 |  Oily Since: 2015

My Personal Journey:

I began my journey with Young Living Essential Oils for personal health reasons. My first essential oil was Peppermint. Peppermint Essential Oil not only helped with my tummy issues but also helped with my head tension. I then began learning more and more about the different essential oils that Young Living had to offer and began to make myself as well as my household healthier and chemical free. Within six months of buying my first essential oil I became a member of Young Living and haven’t looked back.

I’d love to welcome you as a Modern Oiler!

Ready to get started? Follow the easy steps below:

  1. Head here first.
  2. Make sure “Wholesale” member is selected so you can earn 24% off forever and ever.
  3. The Premium Start Kit will automatically be selected, now you get to pick your diffuser (I love the Dewdrop!)
  4. Unless we’ve talked about the Essential Reward Subscription Box feel free to skip that section for now.
  5. Add any other oils or supplements you’ve been dying to try with your brand new 24% off discount. I personally love and I can't live without TummyGize, my Savvy Minerals Makeup, Thieves Laundry Soap, Thieves Household Cleaner and Life 9! Let me know if you want support for anything specific!
  6. Follow the process all the way to the end and you will receive a confirmation email when you’re good to go!

Your kit will arrive within 2 weeks so in the meantime let’s get acquainted! Head here to fill out a quick form letting us know that you’re a Modern Oiler. This will allow you access to some pretty amazing resources we have waiting for you.