Hello! I am so excited that you are considering joining this oily team.

There’s nothing that gets me fired up like helping others. My personal oil journey has drastically changed my entire family’s health and has shifted our financial landscape. Since having Young Living Essential Oils in our lives we are now living simpler. We feel more empowered to ask questions, clean out the toxins and get back to basics.

My very first experience with oils was when my son Ayden was sick. I had tried everything under the sun and finally another mama suggested I try Thieves Essential Oil. Honestly, I was spooked. I didn’t know what the heck “Thieves” was or how it would help, but I was desperate. Without me fully understanding why, the oils just worked. I immediately wanted to know everything I could about Essential Oils. 

After tons of research I chose Young Living, because I could see each and every step of their process to create the highest possible quality Essential Oil. There isn’t anything to hide. Now after using their products daily, visiting their farm in Utah, and meeting the people who make Young Living possible I can tell you I know I made the right decision. Young Living isn’t just a company that sells oils, but a company who cares about the wellness of your family. 

When joining our team you won’t be flying solo.
You’re joining a huge family that’s taking this oily journey right along with you. You are not alone.

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