Kimberly Sheffield

Kimberly Sheffield

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My Personal Journey:

If you’re like me and you’re starting to get concerned with the preposterous amount of side effects that come with any medications you take, or always google “grandmother natural remedies for…”, you’ll want to get into essential oils.

Ever since I started using them religiously, my life has done a 360. I haven’t taken any conventional medicines for a year now, because I haven’t needed to. I used to pop Tylenols like there was no tomorrow because of crippling migraines, now I put a drop of peppermint oil on the roof of my tongue and drink a cup of black tea.

Even my husband who is a born skeptic, cannot deny that these little bottles of magic work. He used to snore excessively, and he hasn’t snored once in 6 months thanks to diffusing Eucalyptus at night. It wasn’t surprising to me, because Eucalyptus is known to open up airways. 

I’ve completely switched out all products in my medicine and cleaning cabinets, prescription medications are no longer needed because we rarely get sick and if we do we can support our body naturally.  

There are a bunch of good reasons to jump in.... whether you need a relaxing evening after a long day, or something to boost your energy and help you focus, maybe you'd like some comfort to those sore muscles after a good workout.  I know these oils are the first thing I reach for when anyone in the house needs to breathe better and I want to show you how to do that too. 

I’d love to welcome you as a Modern Oiler!

Ready to get started? Follow the easy steps below:

  1. Head here first.
  2. Make sure “Wholesale” member is selected so you can earn 24% off forever and ever.
  3. The Premium Start Kit will automatically be selected, now you get to pick your diffuser (I love the Dewdrop!)
  4. Unless we’ve talked about the Essential Reward Subscription Box feel free to skip that section for now.
  5. Add any other oils or supplements you’ve been dying to try with your brand new 24% off discount. I personally love The Mineral sunscreen, Eucalyptus radiata, Breathe Again roll-on, Peace & Calming and Cool Azul pain relief cream. Let me know if you want support for anything specific!
  6. Follow the process all the way to the end and you will receive a confirmation email when you’re good to go!

Your kit will arrive within 2 weeks so in the meantime let’s get acquainted! Head here to fill out a quick form letting us know that you’re a Modern Oiler. This will allow you access to some pretty amazing resources we have waiting for you.