Janai Mercedes

Janai Mercedes 

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My Personal Journey:

Growing up as the child of a chiropractor, I have always been surrounded by homeopathy and "alternative" medicine. I am truly thankful to this day that I was exposed to these things at such an early age. 

I am a professional dancer and I can confidently say that I have always been able to find NATURAL ways to heal any injuries, physical pain, and mental health issues I've come across over the years; including depression, severe anxiety, and torn ligaments in my ankle. Essential oils have become one of my go-to tools for everything from muscle pain and soreness to stress and anxiety. I want to spread knowledge to more people that there are healthier, simpler solutions out there than automatically taking a quick-fix pill. 

When treated well, our bodies are capable of miraculous feats... We can control what goes into our bodies and what we subject them to, and that is a power to be embraced!

I’d love to welcome you as a Modern Oiler!

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  5. Add any other oils or supplements you’ve been dying to try with your brand new 24% off discount. I personally love I can't live without Joy, Valor, Patchouli, Thieves, and Rose Ointment! Let me know if you want support for anything specific!
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