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Chelsea Shannon Tobey

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My Personal Journey:

My oil journey started because something needed to change in my life. My family and I have always had rashes, asthma, allergies, headaches, severe migraines.. but why? A friend finally shined some light on what the possible culprit might be. Everything! I was the victum of my soaps, perfumes, cleaning chemicals, hand sanatizers!! My children's baby wash, and shampoo were expensive hypoallergenic brands that turned out to have extremely harmful chemicals! I really had no clue the harm I was doing until I looked up the ingredients. I felt like I had been failing my kids. The hardest part healthwise for me was my constant migraines.. I can't function as a mom if I get a migraine, and it gets scarier every time it happens. My mother passed away from a chemical reaction involving her perscribed pain killers, and I always have bad reactions to them, so I avoid them like the plague! I've been told though, that I could get to the point where I go into a coma and might not come out without medication. I refuse to believe that and started looking for an alternative! Since I've switch all of these things to essential oils however, I can actaully be the mom I want to be! I can clean, and still function and be here for my children! Now I'm on a mission of health for my family and friends!

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