Amy Loundsbery

Amy Lounsbery

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My Personal Journey:

My story is this. My little family struggled with the normal seasonal allergies.  Then my youngest REALLY struggled.  He was on preventative daily allergy meds from the age of 2 on.  If we didn’t get our bath in at night he would wake up with his eyes swollen shut.  He had a dragon costume to convince him he was Puff The Magic Dragon when taking his breathing treatments (mom’s we do what we gotta do).  I would sleep with him on my body so I could monitor the wheezing at night.  He had had 13 sinus infections by his second birthday. He was on nasonex and singulair daily.  If we missed a day things went spiraling out of control.  I know some of you can relate.  


A few years ago I was just so frustrated I started looking for something else.  I began researching Eucalyptus and found that the steam distilled plant offered antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, antiviral, expectorant properties.  It was worth a shot.  We were teetering on another sinus infection and those are so darn painful and I was so sick of putting my kid on antibiotics.  I bought a diffuser and some eucalyptus oil.  We diffused overnight and my child awoke the next morning and we saw a noticeable difference.  Mom I can breathe!! Ok then, maybe there is something to this. By weeks end we escaped a sinus infection that I was sure was already brewing.  


So I researched more. I knew aromatherapy had been around forever but thought it sounded a bit ridiculous.  What actually happens when those molecules are released into the air we breath? The oil's plant chemical compounds cross into the bloodstream and into our body systems.  It was explained to me like this, essential oils have the same function in the plant as blood has to the human. When you cut yourself, blood comes out of the cut. The blood cleanses the wound and kills bacteria so that regeneration of the tissue can begin. Similarly, when you cut a plant, resin, or the oil of the plant, is released.  Woah.  So if oils are the lifeblood of plants...what can they do for us?? Read on if you are nerdy 🤯.  


Essential oils have the capacity to stimulate the immune system within the body. We know disease/sickness can set in when our immune systems are compromised or lowered.  The ability to fight off infections in the body drops when the body comes into contact with substances that we know are horrible for us like junk food, or overly processed food, drugs or many other synthetic products and even lack of sleep.  Oils that are derived from plants which are living substances positively affect our immunity because they are already in harmony with the human body.  RAD!!! When essential oils come into contact with our bodies, our immunity becomes raised to a degree so that we become inhospitable hosts to nasty germies and all kinds of disturbing organisms.  


See, this one truly amazing experience opened my eyes to a plethora of changes that needed to happen for my families wellness.  One thing led to another, and I started looking at ALL of the ingredients in our daily products and began making small changes that over time have become big changes in our wellness, health and happiness.  Oils are more than just aromatherapy.  We use them in our cooking, cleaning, beauty products, for preventative care, for when something goes awry. I love Learning and teaching others (teaching is my other gig-ha!) and would love nothing more than to educate and help bring oils into homes of my friends and family.



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