Amber Sculnick

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My Personal Journey:
It started with making healthy food choices for our family. I was never taught about good nutrition as a kid and as a result I had the typical modern American relationship with food. If it was fast, easy and tasted good it was perfect. So when I began learning and changing how we shopped for groceries, how we cooked our meals, I found myself more and more interested in what I came to understand as “wellness”. So many people on the healthy eating pages I followed online talked about Essential Oils. But not in a “flavor your food” or a “these smell lovely” kind of way. No, even though they were food groups the conversation about oils was about cleaning your home.

It caught my eye for sure, but I’m a see/smell/touch/try type of person before I make any purchases, so I waited. And waited. 2 years of waiting and finally, late November 2015 during a Ladies Night event my husband and I hosted, I met a local oiler. She was with Young Living and had this kit full of amazing oils. It was perfect. I wouldn’t have said it this way then, but I believe it was God putting her and the oils in my life at the exact right time. I tried to mingle amongst our guests but I kept making my way back to her table to ask more questions. By the time the event was over I was sold. It became number 1 on my Christmas wish list!
I was shocked when I opened it Christmas morning I had no idea what to do with it. The PSK had 11 oils, a diffuser, all sorts of extra stuff and it can be a bit overwhelming. The woman who enrolled us made me a basket of DIY stuff as well and that was easy enough, it was already together. It was 2 months before I really got into the kit and started figuring things out. And it was because of the wonderful community I was added to on facebook that I found that confidence to get in there. That’s why I’m so passionate about education right from the start with anyone who joins our oily family.

I learned that I can DIY tons of amazing things out of essential oils! Things that can replace all sort of chemical filled items around my house. The more I used them, the more I dug into the facebook groups, the more I learned that they can also support every body system and I had to tell all my friends and family.

My journey into business is truly just about helping others gain what I gained. It really comes down to one word, Freedom. Freedom from the toxins that keep you from feeling your best. Freedom from the unhealthy lifestyle that many, many people inherited from generations of people simply not knowing any better. Freedom from so many others that are actually bad for us. Freedom from debt. Freedom from the 9-5+ that kept my husband from being home with our family. Freedom to just be what you were fearfully and wonderfully made to be.


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